Top US Universities with Large International Student Numbers

Top US Universities with Large International Student Numbers

Numerous foreign students enrol in some of the top US universities every year. The rivalry for these highly sought-after slots will intensify as more students choose to pursue higher education in the United States. Your chances of being admitted into a US university may be significantly higher at those that enrol more overseas students than others. Learn which colleges are the greatest for students from abroad and why you should shortlist these institutions for your application.

Top US Universities with Large International Student Numbers

1: New York University

More than 50,000 students attend NYU, representing 133 nations and almost every state. The percentage of international students at NYU is 24 percent. Though students can choose from a wide range of over 400 academic programmes at NYU, some of the most well-liked offerings include business, economics, nursing, and liberal arts and humanities.

With NYU being in the centre of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, a hub of New York City culture, students may tour the city and take in everything that the city has to offer in terms of food, art, and culture. See our university profiles for additional information about NYU.

2: Northeastern University

In 2021, 148 different nations sent students to study at Northeastern University. International students make up over 15% of Northeastern’s student body. The main campus and online campuses of Northeastern University offer academic possibilities to international students as well. Northeastern University maintains two satellite campuses in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada, despite the majority of its campuses being in the US. Master of Science programmes are offered on these campuses.

Top US Universities with Large International Student Numbers

At Northeastern, business, marketing, engineering, and management are among the most popular majors.

3: Columbia University

Columbia University, one of the eight Ivy League universities, is regarded as one of the most elite universities in the world. Students from more than 100 nations come to Columbia because of its excellent medical school, extensive curriculum, and first-rate facilities.

Like NYU, Columbia’s location supports students’ academic progress while providing them with a wealth of options and services. Browse through our university profiles to find out more about Columbia’s offerings.

4: University of Southern California

Nestled in the centre of one of the nation’s most dynamic and diversified cities is USC. By offering more than $640 million in grants and scholarships, the university hopes to lower the cost of higher education for families. At USC, there are amazing opportunities for research and innovation for international students.

In the latest round of applications, overseas students from Canada, China, and India made up 16% of the admitted students. International students make about 30% of all USC students.

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